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FPTV produces shows for everyone, not just students. The TV studio is located in the Fitzwater center for communication building.

On Franklin Pierce TV 25 we have up to five shows. 
  • Franklin Pierce Live, 
  • FPTV News
  • Raven Rundown
  • Pierce Politics 
  • Roommates

 Our shows are made by students and anyone on campus can create a show.

 We strive to create professional shows as well as maintaining a strong environment for Media Production. 

All majors are welcome to join, there is no TV or equipment experience needed we will train you right in the TV studio!



In this show we share the latest events that our happening on campus as well as current sports recaps of all of the ravens sports teams and a 7 day weather forecast for the town on Rindge New Hampshire. The news is produced every week in the Fitzwater TV studio on Tuesdays at 6pm.

Raven Rundown

Raven Rundown

A show that recaps all of raven sports teams. Shares current team and player statistics along with various play streaks. Raven Rundown is produced Fridays at 5pm in the TV studio



A game show that tests how well roommates at Franklin Pierce University know each other. Two sets of roommates are asks a series of questions to see how well they know one another. They compete with the other set of roommates and who ever gets the most questions correct receives a prize. Roommates is produced Thursdays at 430pm in the TV studio.

Pierce Politics

Pierce Politics

Franklin Pierce students and professors get together to discuss various important topics in the political world. A couple examples would be the women in politics segment and a segment on gun violence. Pierce Politics produces various monthly segments Tuesdays at 430 pm in the TV studio.

Franklin Pierce Live

Franklin Pierce Live

FPTV takes to the streets of campus and conducts interviews live at events around the Rindge campus of FPU. In a Halloween segment the cast and crew filmed themselves scaring students on campus live for the TV station. Franklin Pierce Live will start producing again next semester.

Club Meetings Tuesdays at 5:30pm in the TV Studio Office located next to the radio station in the Fitzwater center for communication

Join us for the next meeting!

Kendra Syphers

Studio Manager

I started with FPTV my second semester of freshman year just writing broadcast stories for the news and then I moved to other jobs in the studio like operating the camera and teleprompter and was hired for this position my senior year. I'm expected to graduate in December.

Byrce Johnson

Studio Assistant Manager

I have been a apart of FPTV since my Sophomore year of college. I love working with the tri caster and always try to find new ways to be innovative back in the studio. I hope to go into the sports production field one day and take on a leadership position with FPTV.

Ian Melewiski

Sports Anchor/ Camera

This is my first year with FPTV, I started as a freshman. I initally started with just running the cameras for our productions but then I found interest in front of the camera and have become our sports anchor for FPTV news. I hope to find a job broadcasting sports games on live television.

Betsy Kliener

Weather Anchor

I started with FPTV as a freshman and have always had an interest in being an on camera personality. I was able to start as a weather anchor with FPTV and now I love it. I hope to continue anchoring and increase my experience in the TV industry.

Breanna Eastlick

News Anchor

I started with FPTV freshman year but I have been anchoring news since my sophmore year of highschool I have always had a passion for being on camera and FPTV had allowed me to gain more professional experience reading live news stories in front of the camera. I hope to be a news anchor for a big news network one day.

Bailey Matteson


I started crewing for my FPTV my freshman year. I found out about the club through an open house that I attended before enrolling at Franklin Pierce. I find TV production really fascinating and I think the TV studio offers a great opportunity for student experience. I am interested in getting into the film production field when I graduate.

Tyler Arego

Sports Writer/Anchor

I joined the FPTV crew my sophomore year. Initially I just would write sports and campus news stories for the station but I slowly evolved into a bigger position in front of the camera. I now anchor for sports as well as have my own show Raven Rundown.

Reilly Barnes


I started with FPTV my freshman year of college. I tend to work the camera on most productions. I have also worked with the teleprompter and graphics. I love learning new things in the studio and hope to continue my career with television production.

Oliver Dorf


I have been apart of FPTV Since my freshman year back in the 15-16 school year. I started out as an audio worker and transitioned last year into a technical support member. This year I have tried to teach younger members and I am excited for the future!

Alexa Asta


I started with FPTV my freshman year of college. I tend to work the camera on most productions. I have also worked with the teleprompter and graphics. I love learning new things in the studio and hope to continue my career with television production.

Sophia Venezia

Executive of Social Media

I have been in FPTV since I was a freshman. Producing TV shows has always been an interest of mine and here at FPTV the first day I was put in front of a camera and taught so many things!

Haley Gardner

Executive of News

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FPTV 2017

FPTV crew in 2017 consisted of Kendra Syphers, Bryce Johnson, Sophia Venezia, Alexa Asta, Ian Melewski, Breanna Eastlick, Betsy Kliener, Reilly Barnes, Bailey Matteson, Cameron Gonsalves, Tyler Arego, Mathew Dresselhouse, Chase Douglas, Meghan Gionet, Jacqueline Sizing

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FPTV 2016

FPTV crew in 2016 consisted of Matt Scoville, Ales Malm, Ronnie Cooper, Bryce Johnson, Tyler Arego, Cameron Gonsalves, Tom Dynan, Haley Gardner, Emily Catuccio,

Learn More09/14/2016

FPTV 2014-2015

FPTV crew in the 2014-2015 year consisted of Alex Malm, Ronnie Cooper, Dimitry Legagneur, Sean Ellertson, Scott DeLaura, Danielle Clarke, Matthew Dresselhouse, Matt Scoville, Oliver Dorf, John Vee, James Terry,Caitlin Lawler, Andrew Duncan, Ashley Andreotti, Mike Koch, John Viaes, Tom Dynan

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FPTV 2013

FPTV Crew in 2013 consisted of James Terry Bobby Driscoll, Morgan Baker Dimitry Legagneur, James Connelly

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FPTV 2012

FPTV crew in 2012 consisted of James Terry, James Connelly, Alex Terill, Bobby Driscoll, Samantha Deabay, Chealsea Richardson, Morgan Baker, Jen Connors, Stephen Keimeg

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