In this show we share the latest events that our happening on campus as well as current sports recaps of all of the ravens sports teams and a 7 day weather forecast for the town on Rindge New Hampshire. The news is produced every week in the Fitzwater TV studio on Tuesdays at 6pm.

Raven Rundown

A show that recaps all of raven sports teams. Shares current team and player statistics along with various play streaks. Raven Rundown is produced Fridays at 5pm in the TV studio


A game show that tests how well roommates at Franklin Pierce University know each other. Two sets of roommates are asks a series of questions to see how well they know one another. They compete with the other set of roommates and who ever gets the most questions correct receives a prize. Roommates is produced Thursdays at 430pm in the TV studio.

Pierce Politics

Franklin Pierce students and professors get together to discuss various important topics in the political world. A couple examples would be the women in politics segment and a segment on gun violence. Pierce Politics produces various monthly segments Tuesdays at 430 pm in the TV studio.

Franklin Pierce Live

FPTV takes to the streets of campus and conducts interviews live at events around the Rindge campus of FPU. In a Halloween segment the cast and crew filmed themselves scaring students on campus live for the TV station. Franklin Pierce Live will start producing again next semester.

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